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my teaching philosophy

Each of us is unique and yet we share so many qualities. The desires, feelings and thoughts that seem to set up apart from one another, when shared, bring us a sense of hope and belonging. Helping my students find their own voice is my goal. It's exciting and inspiring to be with people who are developing and discovering new talents and skills. And, we laugh a lot!

1. the singer and the song
2. the art of jazz singing
3. concert preparation

Objective: To help the artist create a focused, relaxed, skilled, unique performance.

Some particular skills we'll work on include:

  1. ability to think on your feet
  2. command of the material
  3. clear idea of what you want to say
  4. awareness of the visual (what you look like)
  5. ability to “be in the moment”
  6. able to control destructive tendencies such as too self critical
  7. choosing appropriate material
  8. awareness of verbal and non-verbal info
  9. being engaged

Musician skills

  1. chart writing
  2. reading music
  3. counting out, explaining
  4. musical terminology
  5. being in time, in tune
  6. knowing the form
  7. familiarity with grooves, beats
  8. knowledge of musical history

Singer skills

  1. voice quality, tone
  2. ability to express emotion musically
  3. regular practice schedule
  4. learning a song
  5. technical challenge of  your instrument
  6. singing in time, in tune
  7. dynamics, phrasing

Artist skills

  1. awareness of your own unique skills, desires, hopes etc.
  2. ability to access emotional memory
  3. overcoming fear of discovery
  4. creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
  5. commitment
  6. self awareness

Storyteller skills

  1. imagination
  2. subtext
  3. patter
  4. choosing material
  5. energy


Class descriptions

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The Singer and the Song

The objective in this class is to help the singer create a focused, relaxed, skilled, and unique performance. We’ll work on basic musicianship starting with warm-up exercises, improvisation skills, understanding and singing in different “grooves,” finding new songs that suit us, ascertaining the correct key, understanding the song form, preparing a leadsheet, and making practice tracks. We’ll be joined by a professional pianist to further develop the songs we’ve chosen by working on sub-text, song interpretation, communicating our intentions to an accompanist, singing in different “feels” including rubato, and setting up and counting off songs. The final weeks of class and performance in the end of quarter student concerts include a rhythm section of piano, bass and drums. This is a supportive, and structured environment for students with a burning desire to sing! Maximum enrollment: 6. Prerequisites: consent of instructor-telephone consultation required. (10 weeks)


the art of jazz singing
(with a trio)

Working with other musicians requires a singer to be able to provide clear direction and leadership. Counting off and setting up a groove, providing signals, being able to listen and respond to the music-these are the keys to a successful performance. In this supportive and challenging environment, students work on thee skills, create arrangements for songs and are supported by a professional trio, culminating in an end-of-quarter performance. Maximum enrollment: 6. Prerequisites: consent of instructor-telephone consultation required. (10 weeks)


concert preparation and performance

A mentor programdesigned to prepare the aspiring professional singer for a public performance. Singers are chosen to participate in this individually customized course throughout the year. Singers participate both in the classroom and privately.

More information about the concert preparation class